The adenoids are soft lymph-like tissues located very high in the throat behind the nose. The only way your doctor can see them is by looking through a mirror placed in your throat or a tiny telescope placed in your nose.

Similar to tonsils, adenoids help the body fight germs and can also become enlarged or infected. In many cases, adenoids are removed at the same time as tonsils in a procedure known as an adenotonsillectomy and abbreviated as A/T. The adenoids may also be removed separately from the tonsils using Coblation-assisted adenoidectomy.

Coblation® offers a precise and controlled adenoidectomy technique that results in minimal blood loss, less pain, and fast recovery. Coblation-assisted adenoidectomy received FDA clearance in 2001.

Coblation® Tonsillectomy Information Brochure (116KB)